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Refer Your Family & Friends. Earn Cash!

If you’re currently working for Alexander Metals Inc., there’s a new way to make some extra money. It’s called the Employee Referral Awards Program!

Think about the people you know who might be a good fit for a job at AMI. Invite them to apply. If we hire a person you refer, you could earn cash!

How It Works

As with any program, there are a few simple guidelines. Here’s a summary of what you need to know.

We’ve created a flyer to help you in your referral efforts. Download Why Work for Alexander Metals? (available in English and in Espanol) and make as many copies as you need. You can also get copies from Human Resources. Give the flyer to anyone you’re thinking of referring!

Submit an Employee Referral Form for each person you refer. On the form, don’t forget to mention which AMI position you think would be best for the candidate. Download the Employee Referral Form (available in English and in Espanol) or get one from Human Resources.

To receive a cash incentive payout, the person you refer must be an AMI employee for at least 60 days. You will receive your incentive payout in two installments: half after your referral has been on the payroll for 30 days, and half after your referral has been on the payroll for 60 days.  

You must be an employee of AMI to participate in the Employee Referral Awards Program and you must be on the payroll at the time of incentive payout. Read the complete program guidelines in English and Espanol

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